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Facility Manager
Genevieve Arterburn, Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager
Board of Directors:

Dr. Linda Donerkiel, Board President

Debbie Sironen, Treasurer

June Galloway, Board Member 

Stephanie Corporandy, Board Member

Ashlee Sabiers, Board Member

Melissa Cavaretta, Board Member

Our History

Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary is located in a semi-remote location bounded by State and National Forest land near McCall, ID. It was originally founded by Linda DeEulis in the early 80’s and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1989. Linda passed away in 2012. Since then the organization has been run by dedicated board members, staff and volunteers.

In 2006, Snowdon’s Board of Directors placed a conservation easement on the property through the U.S. Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, ensuring that this natural gem will be protected forever.

Our Facility

The 35-acre sanctuary is located in a mountainous and forested area in the Rocky Mountain ecosystem. It lies along the Lake Fork River and is part of a significant drainage area. It’s also a key migration corridor for elk, wolves, bears, wolverines, cougars, and other animals heading to and from the vast Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area.

The sanctuary has a number of animal enclosures and a clinic well equipped to care for ill and injured birds and animals. Both a two-acre enclosure and a one-acre enclosure house and care for larger animals such as Black Bear cubs. 

In order to ensure rehabilitating wildlife stay as wild as possible, human exposure is limited and visitors are not allowed in the sanctuary area. The exception is during the annual open house held each Fall.

Making Improvements

Current Projects

The Flight Barn

A 20’ X 50’ pole-barn structure to flight test and house rehabilitating injured and/or orphaned birds of prey: falcons, hawks, owls, and eagles.

The flight barn will consist of 2 bays, each approximately 10’ wide X 50’ long. One bay will be used for flight testing birds, which is important for getting birds’ muscles strong after a long period of immobility so they can fly successfully when released back to the wild. The internal height of this bay will be 12 feet. The second bay will house recuperating birds and  our resident educational birds of prey in individual enclosures called “mews.” This bay will have an internal height of 8-12 feet.

More About the Project

The flight barn is designed specifically to meet standards established by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association for appropriate care, handling, and housing of injured or orphaned wildlife. No such facility exists in southwest Idaho that meets the minimum standard for housing and flight testing raptors and other large birds during rehabilitation. By having a flight barn Snowdon can accomplish the care and rehabilitation from start to finish (i.e., fully implement our mission), which saves resources and is safer and less stressful for the birds.

The new structure will also provide upgraded residences for our two resident educational birds, Indy and Merlin. Their comfort promotes successful wildlife conservation education.

We need donations

We’d like to thank Randy Zuniga for his very generous donation in honor of his late wife, Toni. It is because of this donation we were able to begin construction on the flight barn.

We still need more donations to finish this project! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us complete this project.



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