Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Save Injured & Orphaned Wildlife

Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in McCall, Idaho that specializes in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife and provides native habitat and natural conditions that help rehabilitated wildlife assimilate back into the wild upon release.  


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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission is to rehabilitate and return injured and orphaned wildlife to the wild; and through its sub-programs, to provide hands-on educational opportunities for our youth and communities in order to promote a healthy coexistence with wildlife and our ecosystem.

What we do

Our Programs & Services

Rescue Animals

If you find an injured animal in need of assistance, please contact Snowdon. We will provide medical care and rehabilitation for injured wild animals until they can be re-released into the wild.

Rehabilitate Animals

Snowdon provides veterinary care as well as a safe space for injured wild animals to rehabilitate before being released back into the wild. We also provide sanctuary for injured animals unable to go back to the wild.


Once an animal has received all the care it needs to become strong enough to be released back into the wild, our team will take the animal to a safe natural location and release them back to the wild.


Snowdon offers off-site interpretive programs throughout the year. Various topics are available including Falcons, Owls, and Black Bear Awareness. Programs are offered at no cost to the public, but donations to cover travel expenses are very appreciated. 

Have you found an injured or orphaned animal? Please see below for guides on what to do next:

What to do if you find

a fawn:

What to do if you find

a bird:

Bear Rescue

& Rehabilitation: 


We are looking for help with our latest project: the Flight Barn. This labor-intensive project brings many volunteer opportunities. If you would like to volunteer during the construction process please email us by clicking the button below.

To learn more about current volunteer opportunities, please click the button below: 

Upcoming Events

October 19th: Sundown with Snowdon

6 pm - 9 pm The newest fundraising event for Snowdon! Join us at the Glass House for an evening of wine, a silent auction, food, and music by Landon Vance! Qaya, our Red-tailed Hawk will make a guest appearance!

November 1st - 15th: Giving Tree

Check out the Snowdon Giving Tree at McCall Pet Outfitters November 1st- November 15th! Help us stock up on much-needed supplies for the winter by purchasing items and leaving them in the Giving Tree box for our elves to collect and bring back to the sanctuary. 

November 28th: Giving Tuesday!

Support Snowdon on this Global Day of online giving! 


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Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter below!


Stay informed by signing up for our newsletter below!