WindowAlert Butterfly Decal


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Millions of songbirds perish each year due to window strikes. WindowAlert decals help prevent wild birds from accidentally striking windows. Each decal has a special coating that reflects ultraviolet sunlight. The UV light is invisible to humans, but birds see it as a brilliant glow preventing them from flying into the window.

Place decals on the outside of the window. Concentrate decals at center then work out, placing decals at a minimum, on every 2 feet of glass. UV coating will fade based on exposure and local elevation. For best results, replace decals every 4 months or test with the WindowAlert UV Flashlight.

CONTENTS: 4 Decals per Envelope

Note:  We recommend you place a few decals on each window that birds are likely to fly into. You can fill in the spaces between decals with dabs of UV Liquid to make an invisible grid system that only birds can see and avoid!

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